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oe Spicer Go Getta Kelpie Stud Q and A

Joe is a cheeky city kid who’s always had a deep affinity with animals, the greater outdoors, and traveling, so followed his dream to the countryside and the long hard road to becoming a successful working dog breeder & trainer. Our family had a kelpie since 11 years old, and I was lucky enough to be blessed with an outstanding Kelpie and loyal mate who I thought was sire material, so I started a stud. 

Waaay too long now! (very slow learner)  

Bred first litter early 1991, and had a go in a few trials early/mid 90’s but didn’t really actively compete until late 90’s and have been going strong ever since! 

Am enjoying “giving back” to the sport now, through hopefully inspiring the next Gen by teaching at local Ag college, free training clinics, running events & Judging.


2 times Australian Champion – GoGetta Brue, who was courageous, calm and compliant but like all champions, he knew when to override me. 

Brue is the sire of current Australian Champion GoGetta Clue (pictured) and many other outstanding workers around the country.

Just because they’re better! (just kidding) 😉

Because they suit our temperament and working conditions/demands better.

Part of our vision is to improve our amazing Australian breed by consistently combining the different attributes of both breeds (ie; GoGetta Brue & Clue)

  • Proof of the pudding is in the eating! 

    You just have to look at the condition of our dogs to see they are happier, healthier and performing at their full potential.

    Being able to cater to each dog’s individual nutritional requirements depending on their stage of growth, metabolism and energy demands with Enduro’s quality range is also a huge advantage. Because Enduro is higher quality than other brands, we feed less to achieve better condition (so costs less) and pens are much cleaner.

  • Yes, after the success of our Inaugural Online GoGetta Working Dog Sale, – which smashed the average working dog sale price record (world wide) by about $7,000 with an unprecedented 100% clearance rate. We’re again working hard to prepare even more top quality workers for our upcoming sale, and are also really excited to be defending our 6th Australian Championship title early next year in Western Australia.

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