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The Gary White’s Family Q and A

I was born in Nyngan and have always lived and worked on the land. I have always been around dogs being brought up on a remote property in western NSW.


One of my favourite things as a kid was going out with my father mustering sheep, cattle or feral goats. It was hard country that was heavily timbered and tough going on dogs with a variety of burrs mixed with very hot conditions.


I have relied heavily on my dogs my whole working life being a stock contractor, and mostly it’s been just me and my dogs, which is the way I like it.


My father started ‘White’s Kelpie Stud’ in the late 50’s making it one of the earliest and longest running Kelpie studs in the world.


As Dad got older, coupled with my growing interest in the breeding and trialling, Dad handed the stud over to myself and Angie. He has always maintained interest in the stud and being there for advice and guidance. It has been a lifetime passion, in-regards-to working dogs and ‘White’s Kelpie Stud’.

I have been trialling dogs since 1992, (31 years) although not so many in the early years as I had a young family. I still don’t do a lot of trials (6 or 7) a year but plan on attending a lot more in the next few years.


White’s Kelpie Stud has been very successful having won 8 National and Australasian events and holding 19 State titles along the way. I personally have been breeding dogs in conjunction with for my father for 30 years and White’s Kelpie Stud for over 60 years.

I run on average between 20 – 30 Working Dog Clinics a year in Australia and abroad.


Motivation is easy for me as I am passionate about working dogs and teaching people how to train working dogs.


I think if I can help people get the best out of their working dog it benefits both the handler and the dogs, as well as the rural industry as a whole.


People on the land can enjoy their work much better with better trained dogs, and if they understand how to train them, it also makes life better for our best friends. Helping people achieve with their dogs is very rewarding.

Personally, for White’s Kelpie Stud ‘Whites Tex’ has had a huge influence. I haven’t got a dog in my camp that hasn’t got his blood in them.

Work wise and on the trial grounds they have proven themselves time and time again.


Proof of his influence is that about 6 other Kelpie studs have his bloodlines all through their studs.


Without singling out individual dogs from other studs I think that the Capree Line of dogs has had a huge influence on the Kelpie dog world-wide.

I chose the kelpie over the border collie for its versatility and mob sense. I always had a couple of border collies in the team but found in the job of stock contracting they didn’t have the all-round ability of my line of kelpies for me, so therefore I don’t have them anymore.

I have been feeding my dogs Enduro for over 6 months now and it has been well worth it.


The main benefits have been measured in value for money terms. Once you get your dog up to the desired weight you can back right off in the amount you feed them and it maintains body weight, stamina and general health.


Price wise endure is more than comparable with other brands but works out cheaper because you feed less.


Another reason I like Enduro is that when they go to the toilet it is firm and odourless which is important when running a large pack of dogs.

Whites Kelpie Stud is heading to the UK in 2024 to conduct Working Dog Clinics in Scotland, Wales and England. We are very lucky to be given these opportunities.


Plans are underway to return to Europe, Scandinavia, the US and Canada, where we have run many clinics before and have gained many great friends from all corners of the world.

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